Self promotion and future growth: Getting your foot in the door and keeping it there

Having great work is essential, but so is the art of salesmanship. Whatever type of photography you specialize in, Photo Portfolio Success will teach you key strategies for clinching the sale and continuing to get hired time and time again.

Your portfolio will do most of the talking for you but photography is not the only factor needed to induce confidence in your abilities. Interpersonal skills and the psychology of salesmanship are also important. Although each genre of photography is unique, there are universal truths in getting your work to the right people and building your reputation over time.

In the Self Promotion and Future Growth chapter you'll learn:

  • How to avoid the dreaded portfolio drop.

  • How to get your portfolio in the hands of the lead dog, not a third level assistant.

  • The smart psychology of making contacts at conferences, seminars and workshops. The workshops appendix and listings of professional organizations that buyers and editors belong to will help point you in the right direction.

  • Tips from top agents and editors on techniques for promo cards and mailers. And the common mistakes that leave good promos unopened or in the trash.

  • The do's and don'ts of telephone contacts and email solicitations.

  • A slightly sneaky trick that may help you get the boss on the phone.

  • What else you may need to include in your package including client lists, stock lists, bios, cvs and caption sheets.

  • Common cover letter mistakes.

  • The importance of branding through good design.

  • The do's and don'ts of entering competitions to build your reputation.

  • The right and wrong ways to handle follow-ups. We all hate to wait for a response and Photo Portfolio Success helps you learn when it's okay to push and when patience is key to clinching a sale.

  • Are delivery memos needed for portfolio drops?

  • Even for the truly famous, how to keep your foot in the door through the process of reinvention.

  • How to avoid the career killing mistake of not staying current in the field or taking loyal clients for granted.

  • Best moves and biggest mistakes.

  • Why interpersonal skills transcend even the best photographic skills.

  • Looking for undertapped markets.

  • Rates and rights: Why it's important to respect the standards set by groups like ASMP and EP that are working to preserve the industry's long-term health.

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