Jeffrey Woods

Wedding portfolios and albums: an entirely different viewing dynamic

Wedding photographers build their reputations through word of mouth and the satisfaction of former clients. A strong portfolio and sample albums from more than one wedding are a must. Having great people skills is most important of all.

Think about this: With other types of portfolio reviews, the client looks to hire the photographer to shoot someone or something else. For a wedding, the client is also the subject, setting up an entirely different dynamic for viewing the work.

The wedding industry is changing powerfully and so are presentation techniques and standards. In Photo Portfolio Success, best known WPPI and PPA leaders share their award-winning insights.

In the weddings chapter you'll learn:

  • Why a sample album is never the same as a portfolio. Why do you need both?

  • How to relax when selling your work while targeting clients willing to pay higher rates.

  • Wedding portfolio mechanics. Why even sample albums need an entirely new edit from what the client bought.

  • Is it a good idea to show proof books?

  • How to carefully roll out your "marketing munitions" once they're hooked on your portfolio.

  • The trend toward spontaneity. Should everyone shoot in the photojournalistic style now in vogue?

  • How to help your wedding portfolio focus your own unique niche in the competitive marketplace.

  • How magazine and coffee table book design is dramatically changing album and portfolio presentation.

  • What are the qualities judges look in choosing wedding album award winners?

  • What types of pictures are most important to clients?

  • How online marketing expands your client base and opens up possibilities such as destination wedding photography.

  • Is it a good idea to give clients your film or digital files and let them make their own album?

  • The growing importantce of cd and dvd portfolios and albums featuring multimedia.

  • The changing way that albums are digitally composited and printed.

  • Top choices in albums and presentation approach.

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