John Moran

Nature and Wildlife: What's your niche?

With so many great images in circulation, you must build a portfolio that demonstrates versatility and a personal perspective. The best nature and wildlife portfolios do this. The portfolio must go well beyond sinmply locating stunning scenery and rendering it on film or capturing it digitally. Photo Portfolio Success has the tips and techniques from top nature and wildlife pros, including National Geographic veterans, to make your portfolio stand out, sing and sell.

In the nature and wildlife chapter you'll learn:

  • Why it may be wise to find at least two complementary niches.

  • How the rules of what is, and what is not, a proper scenic have changed.

  • What today's buyers and editors look for. Why straightforward shots of animals, even captured in great light, won't often do in today's market.

  • Why it's important to find your own nature and wildlife niche specialty.

  • How to reach out for feedback from NANPA and top pros.

  • How three unique types of print portfolios can target specific clients in fine art, editorial and stock markets.

  • How your online portfolio can serve more than one key audience.

  • Key portfolio elements in wildlife and nature portfolios.

  • How to shoot from the heart, not from a formula.

  • The ethnics of captioning.

  • Is it true that a photographer in the nature and wildlife genre will not be taken seriously if he or she includes people in their photos?

  • Best moves and biggest mistakes.

  • How to find the right workshop. The workshops appendix helps clear the confusion.

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