Mystic Journey from Kaplan's exhibition, Vanishing Heritage

Get your own in-depth personal portfolio review from the author
and other acclaimed photography experts:

Or, catch John at a workshop or conference:
Professor Kaplan frequently conducts seminars and workshops on portfolio development. If you catch him at a conference, sign up for a free portfolio review or flag him down in the hallway. Chances are you'll be able to talk him into a complementary 15 minute review of your work. In the meantime, we hope you'll pick up a copy of the book.

How to get a career charging portfolio review customized just for you:

The author and several of the profiled photography experts are available for limited personal portfolio reviews. Most popular is our one-on-one review program that culminates is a 30 minute telephone consultation. We'll help you refine your edit, select all-important possible openers and closers and give advice on how to reach the level you know you deserve to hit. Here's some info:

The one-on-one review includes:

  • Evaluation on up to 40 of your images in any common format, prints, website, disk or slides.

  • Selection of possible openers, keepers and closers to help you target what's expected (and, even better, unexpected!) in your selected photography genre.

  • Suggestions to focus strengths while eliminating redundancies in portfolio selects.

  • Frank but motivational discussion of your photographic style and how to communicate your vision clearly to buyers, editors or curators. We'll honestly access where you're at and talk about strategies for the next step toward continued career success.

  • Review and suggestions for your written materials such as client lists, stocks, cover letters, bios and resumes.

  • Discusssion of suggested presentation styles such as types of print portfolio books and branding strategies.

What's the charge?
$295 for professionals
$165 for students (must be currently enrolled)

Our personal portfolio review fee costs far less than what you should be able to make on just a single assignment. The review must be paid in advance. If you want your work returned, you'll need to send a prepaid self-addressed Fedex or Express Mail envelope. Any other similar service that tracks your mail is fine, too.

What's not covered in the fee?
Evaluation of more than 40 images is billed at an additional hourly rate.
Consultation via email.
Follow-up calls for more advice. (unless you really beg.)
Some other important stuff you might need such as step-by-step advice for custom-building your commercial portfolio, refining your market niche and our six month development program. So read on. . .

In-depth portfolio mentoring and coaching program:
Our in-depth consulting program is for up to six months of personal consultation, including all of the details focusing your market position and building your portfolio presentation to the top heights demanded by your genre. We'll work with you every step of the way putting together your book, and helping you build a marketing plan for top-notch promos. We can even do the design work for you or help suggest sources for great designers to make sure you're branded, but good!

Importantly, since no portfolio is ever truly finished, our six-month personal boot camp can include an individualized photography tutoring program. The program mentors you on shooting new spec images to enhance your vision or reposition yourself in lucrative markets. We'll edit your work and advise you every step of the way.

What's the charge?
For professionals: hourly or a set fee depending on level of consultion. Contact us for details. For students: Our in-depth mentoring program may be out of your price range but contact us for details to see if we can work with you on a streamlined personal shooting and presentation program.

Email us and we'll be happy to suggest who might be right for you.

John Kaplan
Brian Plonka

Freelance commercial advertising, corporate and editorial photography:
John Kaplan
J. Kyle Keener

Nature and Wildlife:
John Kaplan
Sean Fitzgerald

John Kaplan
Ian Martin

Exhibitions and fine art:
John Kaplan
Anna Tomczak

Websites, multimedia and CD portfolios:
John Kaplan
Mark Adams
Joe Weiss

A word on ethics:
Professor Kaplan's personal consulting work is separate from his teaching responsibilites at the University of Florida. If you are a prospective student, he'll be happy to look at your work (free of charge, of course) when you apply to the university. Learn more about curriculum offerings at the University of Florida, or about John's teaching. If you end up attending UF within a year of paying for a one-on-one review with Professor Kaplan, he'll be glad to refund your $295.

Contact us to learn more details about our personalized portfolio development program.

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