Jill Enfield

Exhibitions and fine art portfolios: self expression isn't enough

Fine art photographers make their livelihoods through print sales and an active exhibition record. In the subjective world of art, gallery owners and museum curators can be fickle in their tastes. Photo Portfolio Success will help focus your vision and maximize your chance of landing a prestigious exhibition or grant.

A great fine art portfolio can take many forms but it is essential to share a distinct and memorable point of view. More than any other photographic genre, a fine art portfolio is defined by the strength of the photographer’s vision and the success of communicating that point of view to others.

Great work by leading photographers such as Jill Enfield, Anna Tomczak, Ken Light and the author provide the motivation to help you break through to a new level.

In the exhibitions and fine art chapter you'll learn:

  • How to maintain your artistic integrity while understanding that the art world is a marketplace, too.

  • Is a sampling of several projects a good idea or is it best to show just one body of work?

  • How your portfolio done right can maximize your chances of landing a solo exhibition.

  • New sources to find listings of upcoming group shows and calls for submissions for solo exhibitions, too.

  • Strategies for getting one on one feedback from those who can help you build your reputation in the art world.

  • How to copy slides digitally and ideas on putting together a media kit.

  • Sage advice from leading artists, curators and teachers.

  • How your evolving portfolio must be structured to carefully build your reputation over time.

  • How to write effective artist statements. What important elements should an artist statment include?

  • Presentation and portfolio styles that will enhance your unique vision, not a copycat of someone else's.

  • Why networking in the art world is just an important as in any genre of photography.

  • Breaking through creative peaks and valleys to take your work to new levels.

  • The pros and cons of arts festivals.

  • What to present and what not to say during a review.

  • New editing skills to clarify your artistic mission.

  • How to find the best fine art photography workshops and schools. The workshops appendix helps guide you.

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