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Book updates:

Technology and changing times continue to influence how portfolios are prepared, presented and marketed. Check back to see what's changing since Photo Portfolio Success was last printed. If you have updates to share, please get in touch.

Chapter Three/Portfolio Types:
Verisign, once the dominant registrar of domain names, has sold off its Network Solutions division to another company. When doing a search to see if a Web site name is available, you can still check out or try other companies I recommend such as

Chapter Five/Online Portfolios:
Browser wars: Microsoft has announced that Explorer, by far the most popular browser, will no longer be updated for future updates to the Mac operating system. We'll see if that really holds true. This is in response to Apple's release of the Safari browser, available free via a download or in future system releases. The Opera browser is also gaining in popularity and is available for Windows, Mac and even Linux operating systems. In the meantime, the Netscape Browser discussed in the book continues to do a big fade. It's a great browser but not often used these days. In any case, check your website on major browsers as you build it. They all render slighly differently.

If you send your portfolio on disk with html files as suggested in Chapter Six, it's probably a good idea to include instructions for viewing in both the Explorer and Safari browsers. Some operating systems will open your index.html page automatically with the user's default browser while others won't.

Chapter Eight/Photojournalism:
The publisher inadvertantly left out my suggestion for the best books on photojournalism. Read as many good books as you can get your hands on to enhance your portfolio. One of my favorites is Photojournalism: The Professionals’ Approach by Ken Kobre.

Chapter Ten/Wedding Photography:
Lots of neat things are continuing to evolve with digital wedding album design, presentation and production. Notable is an easy to use system from Jorgensen entitled Jorgensen Album Designer. The software designs the album, custom designs mats, previews the finished album, presents client slide shows and also prepares images for printing, all within one program. You can learn more at

Appendix Four/Portfolio Sources:
Lineco ( is a Massachusetts based company that had been known mainly for selling archival materials to museums. They're starting to do more in the consumer market for professional photography, with nice portfolio cases and digital printing solutions.

Photographers continue to clamor for ready-made portfolio cases in horizontal format. They're still not easy to come by but Pina Zangaro has three lines with sexy 11 x 17 horizontal versions. ArtZ is also working toward horizontal presentation solutions.

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