The freelance photography markets: selling your vision

Commercial freelancers understand the needs of buyers, agencies, art directors or magazine editors. Photo Portfolio Success is your most powerful tool to create a portfolio with a distinct, memorable style to land lucrative assignments selling products, ideas or lifestyles.

All types of freelance photography share one important trait: More photographers than ever compete for assignments and stock sales. How you position yourself in the market determines how you build your reputation over time. Knowledgeable photographers “brand” themselves without becoming pigeonholed in a stagnant niche.

If you've already made it and believe you've got a pretty fine portfolio, now is the time to redefine and target new types of clients you never thought you could be capable of landing. Learn the latest techniques for online marketing of your work in more than one important venue, too.

In the freelance chapter you'll learn:

  • How to find "sweet spots" in the market and satisfaction in your vision at the same time.

  • How much to specialize. In larger markets, specializing is now an absolute must. Focus your strengths and grow your bottom line immensely.

  • How to network your portfolio the right way.

  • Why top shooters like Gregory Heisler still find it important to take on editorial assignments even though commerical rates pay many times higher.

  • Why technology will never replace skill, simplicity and your own unique style.

  • How to package your portfolio differently for the advertising, editorial and stock markets.

  • Both buy pictures, but what's the difference between an "art buyer" and "photo buyer?"

  • Why having more than one type of online portfolio can greatly increase sales while keeping you free to land top assignments without paying commissions.

  • Do you need an agent? Inside advice from agents like Gregg Lhotsky of Bernstein & Andrulli and Society of Photographers and Artists Representatives president George Watson will help you find the right one.

  • Why almost everyone is talking about "vision" these days and why you should never attempt to copy someone else's.

  • Why stock sales have moved to the web. Now you can quickly upload highly-focused stock portfolios targeting what's hot with buyers.

  • What does it take to break into New York City?

  • Are you ready for a rep?

  • Why support staff such as stylists and assistants are another key to your portfolio success.

  • Why it's important, no mattter how famous you've become, to always keep your portfolio fresh and your vison strong.

  • How to keep growing at the best workshops and schools for commericial corporate and advertising photographers. The workshops appendix will help you sort it all out.

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