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Exceptionally Well Done
"First rate! Absolutely the best book on the subject available. Kaplan is to be congratulated on assembling the best advice, excellent examples and a very contemporary view of our profession. It is exceptionally well done."
Rich Clarkson
Former Director of Photography, National Geographic

A Wonderful Resource
"The creation of a successful portfolio can be a daunting task. . . It really doesn’t need to be an impossible task with award-winning photographer John Kaplan lending a helping hand. His guide will show you the best ways to get noticed, all the latest portfolio options available, along with useful tips on how to promote and exhibit your work. This is a wonderful resource for both amateur and professional photographers, so grab your copy today."
Shutterbug Magazine review by C.A. Boylan

This Book Can Significantly Strengthen Your Sales
"Whether you’re an aspiring professional or a seasoned pro, this book can help you significantly strengthen your sales efforts."
Outdoor Photographer Magazine

My New Favorite on the Subject
"Kaplan's book goes further than any previous book on photography portfolios, with more information on editing content and making the ideal presentation. Written in a clear, concise style and illustrated with award-winning photography, it is my new favorite on the subject."
Tim Mullen
Founder and Designer, Pina Zangaro

A Must Have for Serious Photographers
"In his new book, "Photo Portfolio Success", John Kaplan has created the most comprehensive, current, in depth and honest book for photographers who may be hoping to get their foot in the door, for those where the door is already open, and even the lucky ones with an all-season pass in the competitive and rewarding field of photography. This book debunks every myth you thought you knew and tells it like it is from the very top people working in photography today. . . Kaplan's book scales several mountain ranges with advice every sane person really needs to know if they want to keep a roof over their heads in making a living at photography.

In 13 chapters, this book covers all the bases and genres of photography and everything you need to know to get a running start. Photojournalism, wedding photography, freelance and commercial work, nature and wildlife, fine art photography and the extremely important areas of marketing and self-promotion are all covered. Detailed yet easy-to understand methods of building your own web page to promote your photography business are included. Necessary links to various companies providing presentation material like portfolio cases are also here. The book is well designed and beautifully illustrated with examples of some of the finest photography being done in the world today.

I think the really nice thing about this book is the underlying encouragement that Kaplan offers the reader throughout. Reviewing as a professional photographer myself, Photo Portfolio Success gave me a renewed sense of vigor and honest assessment of where I need to go in this crazy yet wonderful career of photography." five-star reader review

Photographers Bible
"There are a lot of photography books out there to try to help people in different aspects of photography. But this book is backed with a punch. Author John Kaplan has a Pulitzer Prize to back his knowledge of the many different aspects in the photo business. This book cover it all, from wedding to nature photography Kaplan has brought to the pages some of the greatest photographers currently working. Kaplan even includes hands-on editing tests to test your knowledge. Every photo in the book is an example of the best in the business. Every photo school, whether photojournalism or fine art, should have this book in the classroom. Kaplan shares secrets that have made him an industry leader. This book can give the reader an edge over the competition by giving solid examples and information to help every photographer get in touch with whatever organization is available to that aspect of their business. Finally, a book for photographers everywhere. Don't be without this content-driven book. Content is the key here, every picture example is extraordinary and inspiring. Everyone can learn more-so start here." five-star reader review

The Definitive Book on Contemporary Portfolios
"Standards for portfolios are changing as fast as anything in photography today, and Pulitzer Prize-winner John Kaplan leads photographers of all types to the cutting edge. With informed advice from award-winning photographers, agents, photo buyers and art directors, and top-notch sample images, Kaplan immerses readers in the strategies and standards photographers need to know to get noticed.

Kaplan shows how the right editing can help photographers earn higher fees with portfolios destined to land on top of the stack. He shares his acclaimed techniques for selecting and organizing portfolio-caliber images for any genre of photography, then discusses professional methods for displaying them in print, web, CD and slide formats--including how to painlessly build an online portfolio. The book features genre-specific advice from experts in commercial freelance, photojournalism, nature & wildlife, wedding photography and fine art specialties, too.

Beyond looking good, a portfolio must sell and sell again. Photo Portfolio Success adds up-to-the-minute guidance from industry insiders on self promotion and future growth. With motivational visuals from famed photographers and authoritative, up-to-the-minute advice, it's the definitive book on contemporary portfolios.
" editorial review

A Friendly, Up-to-the-Minute Guide on What it Takes to Make It
"I was sold early on when the author revealed his system for arranging portfolio images in the strongest possible way. So much about portfolios is subjective, and I appreciated that the book had suggestive guidance instead of absolute fixes. I picked up the book with an eye toward the photojournalism advice, but there are sections on many niches, like weddings, fine art, nature and commercial work that should be helpful for folks in those fields. Each section has advice from a working photographer in that category, and the back of the book has a compilation of 'Best Moves' and 'Worst Moves' from interviews with other industry experts. So, you get insights from a range of people, as well as photos. All in all, money well spent for me." five-star reader review

"An excellent resource for anyone interested in marketing their images, Photo Portfolio Success covers many important aspects of presenting and marketing your work from a professional photographer's point of view. Of special interest are sections on online porfolios and nature and wildlife photography."
Donna Erhart

Awesome. . . I Can't Say Enough About Him
“I just bought John Kaplan's portfolio book and it's very well done.” —Thomas Boyd.

“For those of you who might not know John is a Pulitzer Prize winner who is now teaching at the University of Florida. This book would be a tremendous help to anyone starting out or looking for ways to put their portfolio together.” —Brad Magnin.

“John's book looks very good and is getting great reviews and is on my own "to buy" list. Amazon here I come.” —Tom Braid.

“John Kaplan's book is awesome - can't agree with you more. He was my professor at the University of Florida and I can't say enough about him. If you haven't already, go to the bookstore and take a look at this book. Very well done!” —Jason Braverman.

“Got that Kaplan book in my lap.” —Larry Vaughn.

“Thanks everyone for some great advice. Now it's time to get down to work. I think I will also go out and buy the Kaplan book. Thanks again everyone!!” —Peter Aiken.
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