Photojournalism: Learn the level to reach your potential

Photojournalists capture the essence and emotion of people and community. Whatever your current level, Photo Portfolio Success will show you how to build a new, dynamic portfolio that will land coveted newspaper and magazine assignments.

Unlike many other photographic specialties, most photojournalists are generalists. The portfolio of a successful photojournalist must demonstrate versatility and craftsmanship. It should include the variety of picture types outlined in the book and at least one strong picture story, too.

Photojournalism and editorial photography are not one in the same. Newspaper and magazine portfolios are dramatically different and editorial portfolios are often highly specialized. Experts like Tom Kennedy, the former director of photography of National Geographic, and Brian Plonka, POY Photographer of the Year, help explain how to make your portfolio carefully target the types of assignments and jobs you seek satisfaction in.

In the photojournalism chapter you'll learn:

  • How to "learn the level" to help make your work worthy of landing the best internships and jobs.

  • The portfolio picture types that top editors insist on seeing if they are to trust you with an assignment.

  • Best moves and biggest mistakes in today's super competitive market.

  • How to avoid common photojournalism portfolio fatalities. Instead, use your portfolio as "visual currency."

  • How to build both a stellar portfolio and job satisfaction for the long term.

  • How the right types of picture stories make all the difference in selling your vision.

  • Why the portfolios of some photojournalists continue to win top contests while others get ignored time and time again.

  • Why it's all about the edit and pacing of your work. Kaplan's acclaimed advice can help you reach the top tier.

  • How to network at workshops and seminars to reach influential editors, agents and buyers.

  • How to find the best seminars, schools and workshops. The workshops appendix will guide you.

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